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反斗奇兵智能紫外光空氣淨化冷暖風機 $ 2680 $ 2980

反斗奇兵智能紫外光空氣淨化冷暖風機 $ 2680 $ 2980

$ 2980
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Built-in UV-C Light kills 99.9%^ germs
H13 HEPA Filter removes PM2.5 fine particles, pollen, dust mites, aerosols, and allergens
Smart Thermostat adjusts indoor temperatures cosy and saves energy
3-in-1 air purifier, heater & fan delivers multi-functionality for year-round comfort
All Around Wind Deliver with 80° left-right oscillation and 30° up-down tilt
Extremely quiet, generating only 40dB noise during operation for uninterrupted sleep
Mobile Smart Control with HKBN Smart App allows setting on/off schedule, weather-related preset modes, remote or Cantonese voice control*
Unique Pixar design and Lotso/Pixar App theme

^Attestation report from The Hong Kong Certification Centre Ltd: Kills 99.9% of germs.
*Voice Control works with Siri shortcuts on specified iOS devices.