Due to the epidemic, door-to-door delivery may not be available. Please check the SF Express delivery service status before purchasing.
Due to the epidemic, door-to-door delivery may not be available. Please check the SF Express delivery service status before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping Procedure

Delivery Service 
Self Pick-up / Orders $500 or over Free of charge | $80 shipping for orders under $500 

Orders will be shipped within 7 working days, the actual delivery date depends on the process of the third-party transportation company

Self Pick-up

Please collect your purchased items within 14days.

Service Centre: Room 1010, 10th Floor, Peninsula Building, 538 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon

Office hours: (Monday to Friday) 9:30 am-12:30 pm, 2:00 pm-6:00 pm Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

Product Warranty

Our products have a 12-month warranty period from the date of purchase. This covers any defects that occur under normal operation circumstances, subject to verification by MaxiSense IoTech Limited. Free of charge repair or replacement services will be provided by the company within the warranty period with valid proof of purchase. 

Product Information

SensePlus Smart Peephole DoorCam

Quick installation video https://youtu.be/3myGQMdwoPo

Instruction manual https://www.hkbn.net/personal/dist/img/src/pdf/Smart-Peephole-DoorCam-User-Guide-en.pdf

SensePlus Smart Remote Control

Quick installation video https://youtu.be/-S2bL3Vz9Mk

Instruction manual https://www.hkbn.net/personal/dist/img/src/pdf/Smart-Remote-Control-User-Guide-en.pdf

SensePlus Smart Power Strip

Quick installation video https://youtu.be/xwH9V_JbR0s

Instruction manual https://www.hkbn.net/personal/dist/img/src/pdf/SensePlus-Smart-Power-Strip-User-Guide-en.pdf

SensePlus Smart Plug

Quick installation video https://youtu.be/xwH9V_JbR0s

Instruction manual https://www.hkbn.net/personal/dist/img/src/pdf/SensePlus-Smart-Plug-User-Guide-en.pdf 

SensePlus Smart Aroma Diffuser

Quick installation video https://youtu.be/rRwuO2FNqJI

Instruction manual https://www.hkbn.net/personal/dist/img/src/pdf/SensePlus-Smart-Aroma-Diffusers-User-Guide-en.pdf

SensePlus Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Quick installation video https://youtu.be/gznwl39K2uE

Instruction manual https://www.hkbn.net/personal/dist/img/src/pdf/SensePlus-Indoor-Air-Quality-Monitor-User-Guide-tc.pdf

SensePlus Air Steriliser

Quick installation video https://youtu.be/R00Hs0b7-20

Instruction manual https://www.hkbn.net/personal/dist/img/src/pdf/SensePlus-Air-Sterilizer-User-Guide-en.pdf 

SensePlus LED Color Bulbs

Quick installation video https://youtu.be/XjmEoA_V2jg

Instruction manual https://www.hkbn.net/personal/dist/img/src/pdf/SensePlus-LED-Color-Bulb-user-guide-en.pdf https://www.hkbn.net/personal/dist/img/src/pdf/SensePlus-LED-Color-Bulb-user-guide-tc.pdf