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Lockly Vision Smart Lock PGD798 - Matte Black Authorized Dealer Import

Lockly Vision Smart Lock PGD798 - Matte Black Authorized Dealer Import

$ 5280
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SRP: $5,280 (includes standard installation, $880 value)

Thieves are rampant, but they generally take the easy and not the difficult! The revolutionary Lockly Vision intelligent electronic door lock PGD798 combines a smart doorbell and a smart lock, and is equipped with a high-definition wide-angle lens. When there are visitors, you can use the mobile APP to monitor the situation remotely in real time, and conduct two-way dialogue and unlocking; cooperate with each time to rearrange all The digital anti-peep combination disk brings convenient and safe high-standard security. The door lock is also equipped with a 3D FPC fingerprint sensor and Bluetooth unlocking, especially suitable for dormitories, shared apartments and other areas.

Product Features:
  • Combined smart doorbell and smart lock
  • Built-in high-definition camera, mobile phone real-time remote monitoring of the situation outside the door
  • Real-time voice chat
  • Pin Genie patented anti-peeping electronic button technology: a password pad consisting of 4 groups of buttons, each group of 3 numbers, all numbers will be rearranged after each input
  • 3D FPC living fingerprint sensing technology can identify real or fake fingerprints
  • Use bluetooth to connect to your smartphone, no internet connection is more secure than a Wi-Fi connection
  • Supports the "Magic Offline Key Code (OAC)" function, which can be authorized to unlock at any time and is more convenient to use
  • Supports the addition of the Lockly Secure LINK kit for use with Alexa and Google Assistant
    • Remote password management: Use a smartphone to send eKeys to guests via email or SMS, allowing them to unlock and enter by themselves
    • Check the entry and exit records: through mobile phone push notifications, the switch records are clear at a glance, and the visitor's entry and exit time can be accurately grasped, and the use authority of the visitor can be changed and deleted at any time
    • Master Account: All function settings are controlled by the Master Account, especially suitable for offices and rental properties
  • LOCKLY Vision Intelligent Electronic Door Lock Cam Version
  • BLE connection mobile app control (iOS and Android)
  • Notifications and intruder alerts
  • Backup key
  • 2 years warranty#
  • Color: Matte Black / Satin Nickel
  • Video:
    • Lens: HD wide-angle lens (can record)
    • Video storage: Micro-SD card (up to 64GB) / cloud storage
  • Installation:
    • *Please find and read <<安裝服務詳細內容及條款>> from product photos before purchase.
    • Door opening direction: no distinction between left and right / inside and outside opening
    • Door thickness: 30-50 mm
    • Distance between doors: 60 / 70 mm
    • Door type: wooden door, iron door, iron gate
  • Lock body type: single cylinder flat head lock
  • Battery:
    • Battery Type: Alkaline
    • Emergency Power: 9V Alkaline Batteries
    • Maximum battery capacity: 8 AA batteries
    • Power supply: 8 AA batteries
    • Use time: 10-12 months
  • Accessory components:
    • Alkaline batteries x 8
    • Drilling Template x 1
    • Front and rear fuselage x 1
    • Screw assembly x 1
    • Sealing piece x 1
    • Lock plate gusset x 1
    • Base plate x 1
    • LOCKLY Vision Connect x 1
    • Key x 2
    • Installation Guide x 1
    • Quick Start Guide x 1
    • User Manual x 1
    • Initial Code Card x 1

#Must be installed by the original factory technician to enjoy 2 years of original factory maintenance

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